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Logging for biomass use is not “carbon neutral”:   The huge flaw in how Congress is approaching burning wood for energy  by Chelsea Harvey  here

Departure from average for the global January-through-March temperature for the years 1880 - 2016. This year has seen by far the warmest temperatures on record for each of the three months. Image credit: NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

Warmest March in Global Recordkeeping; 2016 Roars Ahead of Pack here

The 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that human-caused forest loss is responsible for about 10% of
global greenhouse gas emissions. Recent analyses show that global forest trends are working against efforts to address climate
change. The 2014 IPCC Report stated: "Carbon stored in the terrestrial biosphere is susceptible to ​loss to the atmosphere as a
​result of climate change, deforestation, and ecosystem degradation".

Above: Clear cut forest near Lassen Volcanic National Park.  
Mt. Lassen on the left. 

Below: Scientific studies find that the temperature increases at least 5 to 10
degrees in a clearcut, while the humidity drops 35%. 

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Mature diverse forests are needed to combat climate change. ​Deforestation
​is one of the leading sources of carbon emissions.